BAIN & SAVON vegan solid mascara cake


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Vegan all-natural black mascara with guaranteed no stinging or watery eyes! This “cake” mascara can be used as a lash colour, eyeliner or eyebrow filler. Easy to apply and leaves your lashes soft and natural looking. An old-school mascara that goes on smoothly and doesn’t clump or flake. It will give you complete control on volume, just apply extra coats as required.

Made with 100% organic preservative to avoid long term microbial growth. Contains no polymer, commonly found in mass-produced mascaras to coat your eyelashes.

Instructions for use: apply with your own pre-used and cleaned (with water and tissues) mascara wand. Moisten the brush, then roll the brush back and forwards along the cake and apply to your lashes. Leave to dry between each coat.

Sold in a 10g tin. Dispose within six months.




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Note: Like all mascaras, it is important that you use this mascara wisely. Although unlikely and unusual, homemade mascara should be disposed of if found to smell or look different, as it  does have the capability to grow bacteria.

Eco Plus

As well as polymer (= plastic), most mascaras contain a substance called guanine which is made from ground-up fish scales and gives mascara its shine. Mascaras also have trace amounts of mercury, which acts as a germ-killer and preservative (mercury was banned by the United Nations for all other cosmetics!)


Bain & Savon is a small artisan family run soap company in Whitehaven, Cumbria, making natural handmade soap and skin care. Jane first started making bath and body products as a hobby in 2002 for friends and family, and moved to full time production in 2018. Bain & Savon specialise in natural, herbal and botanical beauty preparations.  


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