Tough hands soap



Planet Detox tough hand soap removes the toughest, ground-in dirt and stains yet leaves your hands clean and germ free and your skin moisturised and rejuvenated.

Blended with minerals (pumice powder) and essential oils (tea tree) that make this hand soap naturally exfolliating, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic.

Tough on grease, engine oil, nicotine, soil, paint, glue … and even beetroot & tumeric! etc.

100% natural, vegan, biodegradable, SLS-free.

175g bar.





Ingredients: claranol clear soap, pumice powder, coconut oil, tea tree oil.

Planet Detox soap bars are packaged completely plastic-free: wrapped in grease-proof paper with a card tag and biodegradable paper tape.




Planet Detox is a small Totnes based company that has developed a range of ethical cleaning products which have totally annihilated the need for any plastic packaging. Their products are designed to provide excellent, powerful and effective cleaning without using any ingredients which will hurt you or our planet. Planet Detox is committed to finding solutions to our damaging plastics and chemical over-use. They keep their products simple and safe.


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