Prepare your tea with this tea infuser made from durable stainless steel. Perfect for using with a tea pot or directly in your mug, this stainless steel infuser allows loose leaf tea to fully absorb the water and expand, thus releasing the leaves’ full potential of oils for stronger, better-tasting tea.

Includes a stainless steel chain for clipping onto teapot or mug handle.

Simply fill with loose tea. Then find the opening knob on the side of it. Twist and lock the halves together, then steep. This tea infuser is easy to use and can help you seamlessly make the switch from plastic tea bags to compostable, sustainable and tastier loose leaf tea.

Then tea balls are made with stainless steel in China. Our German supplier transferred the manufacture recently and stopped using European stainless steel. We are actively looking for a better alternative and will switch back to European manufacture as quickly as we can.

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