Percarbonate of soda, 1kg kraft bag


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Percarbonate of soda, 1kg kraft bag.

Also known as solid hydrogen peroxide, percarbonate of soda is a wonderful stain remover, for tea, coffee, red wine, grass, fruit, sweat and blood stains!  Percarbonate is also ideal for keeping your laundry naturally white, even after multiple washes, as it prevents greying of fabrics from limescale buildups. Its alkaline pH softens water, increases the efficacy of cleaning agents and dissolves grease. It is ideally suited for washing nappies and bandages. 

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Weight 1 kg


Warning: Dangerous, read label before use! Store in a ventilated and dry place, avoid temperatures above 40ºC and humidity that exceeds 75%, Store away from fuels, Store in the original packaging only and out of the reach of children, Sodium percarbonate is not toxic to the body or to the environment, but can be harmful in case of ingestion or in contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Produced  in Western Europe. Low carbon footprint.

Ingredients derived from common natural raw materials: salt, water and chalk. 

Packaging: kraft paper bag.


Ecodis Soft Impact.

Soft Impact is Ecodis’ own label. It shows the product has been designed for lowest impact on the environment: use of abundant natural resources, made in Europe, no/few processing, eco-designed packaging, ecological label, etc.

Eco Plus

This product contains no chlorine or phosphates, which cause huge damage to our rivers. Low carbon index (1kg kraft paper bag = 185g of CO2).

Only discovered in the 1960 when European washing powder manufacturers were seeking a less corosive and dangerous bleaching agent to replace chlorine. Widely used since the 1990s.


Ecodis started in Brittany, France, in 2000, specialising in designing and distributing household and personal eco-friendly and fairtrade products, and now employs more than 40 people. Ecodis is fully committed to local production with carefully sourced materials, with a particular focus on lasting functional goods that are manufactured and packaged with limited impact on the environment. Ecodis aim at allocating around 0.5% of turnover to solidarity and eco projects in France and abroad.


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