Stainless razor blades (pack of 5)


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A pack of 5 Shark super stainless razor blades that are double edged. These plastic free blades are individually wrapped in wax paper and packed in a cardboard packaging. Shark Blades will fit our Norse double edge razor but are also universal with other double edge safety razors.

These blades combined with the design of the safety razor help prevent ingrowing hairs as well as shaving rash. Another benefit of the traditional safety razor is the gap between the blade and the frame, allowing hairs to escape the head of the razor, rather than getting stuck like disposable heads. No matter what you’re shaving, these highly durable double edged razor blades will leave your skin silky smooth and guilt free! Appropriate for all your shaving needs (men and women, head to toe). Treat yourself and your skin to a flawless shave every time. Comes complete with one blade to help get you started. If you’re wondering how you can kick-start a more conscious journey, this is one of the best starting points we can think of.


Each pack contains 5 stainless razor blades.

Blades can be recycled only at collection points.

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Made in Egypt with stainless steel.
Packed in waxed paper and cardboard box.


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