GREENSCENTS all-purpose organic castile soap



A very concentrated multi-use liquid soap that is suitable for laundry and general cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens and surfaces, Greenscents Castile Soap is also suitable for occasional personal care use (teeth, body & hair). The applications are endless! This fantastic lavender soap is made with 96% organic ingredients and no palm oil,  and meet the high standards set down by The Soil Association.

300ml bottle.

Bottle is plastic-free made from biopolymer plastics produced from the waste products from sugar cane.


Additional information

Weight .3 kg


Ingredients: potassium oleate***, potassium cocoate***, glycerine***, sucrose cocoate, lavandula hybrid (lavender) oil*, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) oil*, potassium citrate, citric acid
* organic, ***organic origin

Free from harsh chemicals, nano particles, parabens, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances.

Plastic-free bottle made from biopolymer plastics produced from the waste products from sugar cane.


The Soil Association is the only UK charity that works across the spectrum of human health, the environment and animal welfare. Its organic certification is widely regarded as the gold standard for all organic products and is very difficult to achieve. Certified products are made from organically farmed ingredients which are not genetically modified (GM) using no herbicides or synthetic fertilisers.
Ethical Consumer provides the tools and resources you need to make daily purchases according to your ethics in a simple, informed and effective way. Greenscents was identified by Ethical Consumer as the most ethical brand of cleaning and laundry products available in the UK (Ethical Consumer, 2017).

Allergy UK help those who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivity. The ‘Allergy Friendly’ award means that the product may be of benefit to allergy sufferers and is unlikely to cause a reaction.  Greenscents products are formulated to reduce allergens, especially for the skin.


Eco Plus

Formaldehyde is a colourless fluid gas (used by undertakers!) which  makes its way into many household products (as well as baby wipes, shampoos, makeup and toothpaste)  under various names: urea, methanol, methylene oxide. Even a small amount can cause an allergic reaction, ranging from minor headaches to asthma, and from mild skin irritation to vomiting. This chemical has also been linked to cancer. Ventilation of your home is key to avoid toxic buildup, or of course boycotting such cleaning products altogether.


Like most good things, Greenscents began life at
the kitchen table as a family venture. The Hawkes
family suffered from skin allergies and an aversion to
synthetic perfumes, so very few household and laundry
options existed. Peter & Christina were convinced
that there was latent demand for a range of organic

laundry & household products and the Greenscents brand was developed in Autumn 2011. Sustainability, the environment and the wellbeing of people and animals are at the heart of everything Greenscents do.


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