Olive wood rectangular soap dish


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Scooped olive wood rectangular soap dish hand carved from sustainable “retired” olive tree, a by-product of the olive oil industry. Each soap dish is unique, with shades and patterns varying slightly, a wavy border and a rigged effect. It comes with three small holes to drain excess water.

Olive trees need regular pruning to produce a good tasty olive and to produce a high yield. After a certain age the olive tree becomes damaged and unproductive and to keep up with the pace of nature. Very mature trees are replaced with new trees and the hard wood from the largest salvageable branches are used to make the dishes.

Absolutely, No Olive trees are damaged or destroyed to make these dishes. All dished produced from this hard wood, have a varying smooth grain, making every hand carved piece extraordinarily unique, with no two dishes the same.

So, this olive wood square soap dish has no environmental impact. Also, when it reaches the end of its life it can be disposed of without having created any plastic waste.


Dimensions: 12.5cm x 8.5cm

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Handmade in Bethlehem with olive trees no longer used for olive oil production.


Ecodis was founded in 2000 in Brittany, France, employing 40+ people and specialising in designing and distributing eco products under several trademarks, including La Droguerie Ecologique and Anae, both available at OneStep. Ecodis are fully committed to using raw materials that are eco-friendly and wherever possible, sourced locally in France or Western Europe for a limited impact on the environment. Around half a percent of Ecodis turnover is allocated each year to projects supporting people in distress in France or to solidarity based and ecological projects abroad.


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