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WayCap is a reusable and refillable capsule compatible with Nespresso machines. It is made from food grade stainless steel and so is infinitely rechargeable. This kit is supplied with four filter caps to best fit your choice of coffee.

This is easy to use: with just a little practice, you can get a capsule ready in 20 seconds and enjoy a barista-quality coffee! Depending on the pressure you apply, and your choice of filter, your cup of coffee will be as light or as strong as you wish it to be.

WayCap’s special “slotted” holes are arranged to achieve the perfect extraction whatever your chosen coffee blend. The ridges along the body of the capsule make it easy to screw / unscrew in seconds and disperse heat after use.

By reusing your capsule over and over again, you will make great savings by using the coffee of your choice. You will also save the planet from a very wasteful product that is the Nespresso disposable capsule (see Eco Plus tab).

WayCap works with the coffee blend of your choice. Note that WayCap will work best with medium ground blends.

The kit contains:

1 refillable capsule for Nespresso
1 manual dispenser to fill the capsule with no waste or mess
A mini tamper
4 interchangeable filters (adapted to fine, medium or coarse coffee blends).
Spare gaskets (with correct use, there should be no need to replace them. They can however be ordered directly from Waycap here).

Compatible with the following Nespresso machines: Pixie, Inissia, Essenza (*), Essenza Mini, Lattissima, U, Citiz, Expert, Prodigio, Maestria, Creatista and Kitchen Aid. Check this video for more information on compatible models.
(*) some old Essenza models could not be fully compatible, please contact us before buying.

Instructions for use:

– Use the filter with the most slits for espresso coffee blends. Use a filter with fewer slits if the coffee has a coarser grind. The finer the grind, the more slits are needed. Check this video as a guide
– Fill your capsule with small half tea spoon amounts, using the manual dispenser for stability. Press lightly with the mini tamper every half a teaspoon. Apply less pressure for the finer grinds

– Fill your capsule uniformely up to the measure line inside the capsule, levelling it as needed
– Screw the top on
– Use in your Nespresso machine following the usual instructions
– Wait for capsule to cool down before reusing
– Empty in compost bin, rinse and reuse for a lifetime

You will soon get a coffee that is nothing short of a professional one!

Note: there is no affiliation between Nespresso®, and WayCap






Additional information

Weight .05 kg


Made with food grade stainless steel.
The gaskets under the lid is made from food-grade silicone.
All materials are food-grade certified.

Eco Plus

Coffee pods can’t be recycled easily because they are often made of a mixture of plastic and aluminium, combined with the dregs of organic waste sitting at the bottom of the pod. Two billion cups of coffee are drunk around the world every day. Most capsules are made of virgin aluminium, meaning they are created from new raw material which has been extracted from the earth and has undergone a process of refinement and electrolysis.


WayCap is an Italian company who pride themselves into turning our wake-up coffee call into a positive habit.


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