Neem Natural Insect Repellent Spirals


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Neem Natural Insect Repellent Spirals are made with with Sandalwood and Citronella, repel biting and stinging insects, 100% Natural and toxin-Free. Perfect for fending off flies and mosquitos. These are burnt outdoors and perfect for camping trips or just for your home garden. Can burn for up to 8 hours!

  • Made from neem, sandalwood and citronella oil
  • Repels different biting insects
  • Non-toxic
  • Includes holders
  • 4 spirals in a pack
  • Approximately 8 hours burning time
  • Made in France

Natural insect repellent removes the need for traditional aerosol spray repellents made with harsh chemicals. It also replaces wax citronella candles. This repellent will make your al fresco dinners or camping trips more ecological and protect you from irritating insect bites!

To use simply separate the spirals and then stand one of them on the holder and carefully light it at one end. The spiral will burn for approximately 8 hours. It is completely safe to be nearby whilst its burning as the smoke is non harmful. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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