Natural sea sponge by Croll & Denecke


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A natural sea sponge that removes impurities and dead skin cells. Like coral, this soft sponge is extremely enjoyable. Even for the most sensitive skin.

Natural sea sponge by Croll & Denecke are sustainable care products made of natural material that grows back very quickly. They thrive ecologically on underwater fields in the Mediterranean and are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner twice a year. So a lot of manual work goes into the harvesting of a product that takes care of the skin. With the natural strength of the sea and makes bathing a sensual beauty ritual.

The ideal size for a good body scrub, this unspoiled, natural gift from the sea. This sea sponge by Croll & Denecke is a luxurious little treat for you. Made with materials sustainably harvested from the underwater tropics of the Mediterranean. By just adding water and your favourite soap. Let this sponge buff away your dead skin cells gently and naturally. Made from natural materials. This sponge is ideal and recommended to be used by people of both regular skin types and sensitive. Due to the hand-crafted characteristic Croll & Denecke have thoughfully prepared these sponges. the sizes aren’t exact but a rough estimation which adds to the character and charm of the product.


  • Hand-crafted from Greece.
  • Made from natural materials that grows back quickly.
  • Suitable for both regular and sensitive skin.
  • Dimensions are 15cm x 6cm x 10cm (each sponge size slightly varies).
  • Weight of sponge is 0.2kg.
  • Packed in a cardboard box.

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Additional information

Weight .05 kg


Traditionally harvested in the Mediterranean Sea. Packaged in Bremen, Germany, by family firm Croll & Denecke.


Croll & Denecke was established by Gustav Croll and Theodor Denecke in 1897. Today Peter and Nina Hankiewicz run the family enterprise, which have specialised in processing raw natural sponges from the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, now in the third and fourth generation. Based on know-how handed down for over a century, the family enterprise in Bremen has developed into a leading supplier in the natural sponge trade in Europe.


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