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Natural Rhassoul clay powder extracted from ancient volcanic deposits in the Atlas mountains of northern Morocco, used for centuries for hair and body hammam treatments.

This natural Rhassoul clay powder is extraordinarily rich in minerals — including natural silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium — and blends with water to smooth and purify face, skin, and hair. Studies have shown that it reduces dryness and flakiness, improves skin clarity and elasticity, and removes impurities and unblock pores.

Indefinite shelf life (4-5 years recommended). A spa quality, nutrient rich clay from the Atlas mountains of Morocco with a silky smooth texture that is gentle enough to use on your entire body. Rhassoul clay swells with the addition of warmed liquid, absorbing impurities making it one of the most effective cleansing clays in the world.


Use as a face or body mask, and for hair care, as mask or dry shampoo. For all types of skin and hair.

500g tube. COSMOS certified.

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Weight .5 kg


Rhassoul clay from the Atlas. ou rains of Morocco. Washed in water, with no additives or conservatives whatsoever.

packaged in cardboard tube with PET recyclable plastic lid.

Instructions for use:

Face mask: Mix 3 tsp of powder with 3 tsp of luke warm water. Apply to face. Leave to dry for 5 to 10 min. Rinse with warm water. Hydrate skin.

Hair mask: Mix 3 tsp of powder with 3 tsp of luke warm water. Apply to damp hair. Leave in for 15 min. Rinse with warm water.

Chemical-free soap: keep a tub of mixed clay in the bathroom and spread a small amount spread over the skin (face or body) then rinse off with warm water. Refreshes, invigorates and conditions.

Dry shampoo: gently massage in thin layer of powder onto scalp. Leave in for 10 min. Brush your hair with your head down to remove the powder.



COSMOS stands for “COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard“, which sets certification requirements for organic and natural cosmetic products in Europe. The standard is recognized globally by the cosmetic industry.

Ecodis Soft Impact. Soft Impact is Ecodis’ own label. It shows the product has been designed for lowest impact on  the environment: use of abundant natural resources, made in Europe, no/few processing, eco-designed packaging, ecological label, etc.



Ecodis was founded in 2000 in Brittany, France, employing 40+ people and specialising in designing and distributing eco products under several trademarks, including La Droguerie Ecologique and Anae, both available at OneStep. Ecodis are fully committed to using raw materials that are eco-friendly and wherever possible, sourced locally in France or Western Europe for a limited impact on the environment. Around half a percent of Ecodis turnover is allocated each year to projects supporting people in distress in France or to solidarity based and ecological projects abroad.


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