MOOPOPS set of 3 reusable milk bottle tops


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Mixed 3-pack funky reusable pastel silicone tops. Designed to fit standard UK one pint glass milk bottle.

Dishwasher and fridge safe.

Don’t toil with the foil, support your local dairy and move to milk freshly delivered to your doorstep! (it probably is the easiest eco switches of them all…)




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Silicone is a man-made polymer from silicon (with no e), an element found in sand (silica) and hydrocarbons that come from fossil sources like petroleum and natural gas. Silicone is durable and can handle temperature extremes. It is proven not to leach any chemicals into foods and it is not toxic to aquatic or soil organisms. Although not biodegradable, silicone can be recycled at the end of its life.

Eco Plus

Milk bottles are used between 20 and 50 times each before they get recycled, compared to the great majority of plastic bottles that still go in landfill.

UK households use 13 billion plastic bottles a year (including beverage bottles, milk bottles and toiletries bottles). Milk bottles are usually made from HDPE (high density polyethylene), unlike most plastic bottles that are made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). 

The number of times an average glass milk bottle is reused (known as trippage) is actually around 20 but it can be as much as 50 times. Overall that makes re-usable milk bottles a more energy-efficient choice than disposable plastic. When a milk bottle becomes too scuffed or damaged to reuse, it is recycled. Glass can be recycled indefinitely.

​Around 3% of the UK’s fresh milk is delivered directly to the doorstep and while it still remains a favourite with millions of consumers, by increasing that percentage we can help turn the tide on plastic waste in the UK. 


Moopops is a family business born in 2018: the Williamsons switched to doorstep milk delivery a few years ago and loved everything about it except the annoying foil tops. They had the idea of a bright, fun and easy to use (and reuse) top that might encourage people to try delivery again. Their two young daughters (nicknamed Moo and Pops) lent their names to the brand and even drew the lovely cow logo. They hope to encourage more families like their to rediscover the very British tradition of milk delivered directly to your home at the crack of dawn!


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