Microfibre makeup cleansing mitt


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This microfibre makeup cleansing mitt is made with delicate micro fleece. Ultra soft, designed for gently cleansing your face and removing makeup without the need for cleansing lotion. You can also use this glove for gentle body or face exfoliating. Light apricot colour.

Our Eco Friendly, re-usable, makeup remover mitts are like mini magic towels!

The special microfibres in the face mitts work their magic  by clinging to makeup when the cloth is wet and lifts off even the smokiest of eyes with their natural cleansing action and just water.

No more chemicals or wipes needed which in turn helps reduce waste! There is no need to use any more makeup wipes which can often contain plastic with these microfibre makeup cleansing mitts.


Dampen the microfibre makeup cleansing mitt slightly, then gently wipe your face.

For all skin types including sensitive skins.

Made in Austria.

Machine washable up to 60 degrees.

Dim: 21 cm x 15 cm

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Additional information

Weight .05 kg


Made in Austria.

70 % polyester / 30 % polyamide



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