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Emma’s Laundry soap contains just soap flakes with a blend of essential oils and a natural stain remover to be mixed according to soil of the clothes.  Contains no harsh chemicals, surfactants, optical brighteners, bleaches, perfumes, colours or enzymes.

900g box gives approx. 40 washes.

Includes full instructions on DIY stain removing and directions on how to measure and use.


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Weight .9 kg


One tablespoon of Emma’s Soap flakes (approx 7g), one level tablespoon of stain remover (approx 15g) placed directly into the soap drawer of the washing machine.

Soap Flakes: Sodium olivate (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Aqua (water), Sodium sweetalmondate (Sweet almond oil), Sodium cocoate (Organic Coconut oil), Sodium avocate (Avocado oil unrefined), Sodium cocabutterate (Organic Cocoa butter), Sodium sheabutterate (Organic Shea butter), Saponified Rosehip oil, Saponified Jojoba oil, Cera alba (Beeswax), Gycerine. Essential oils: *Citrus limonum (Lemon), *Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), Melaleuca viridiflora (Niauoli). * Contains: Limonene, linalool, geranoil, citronellol. Natural consituents of essential oils listed. Natural stain remover (600g): 85% Sodium Percarbonate, 15% Sodiun Carbonate, 5% Sodium Metasilicate.


The coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter are organic.

Eco Plus

Regular commercial laundry detergents urge you to avoid direct contact with skin. This is because detergents work by removing oils from clothes, and that includes the natural oils produced by your own skin. Among other uses, our natural oils are necessary for protection against microbes.

Researchers have found that many detergents can disrupt the endocrine function and interfere with hormone balance. They contain chemicals xenoestrogens, or synthetic estrogens, which increase the amount of estrogen-like activity in the human body, which is suspected of negatively affecting fertility in men and increasing breast cancer risk in females.


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A small producer of homemade soap, made in the South Hams, Devon, West Country. Emma’s Soap endeavours to ensure that all their products are from ethically sustainable sources considering the world environment, animal welfare, workers rights and their health and safety; from oils to packaging.de


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