Laundry balls


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These laundry balls will reduce your consumption of water, energy and detergent. They will leave your laundry soft without the use of any conditioner

Inside each ball, a magnet reduces crystallisation and limescale formation inside your washing machine. The magnetic field generated while rotating temporarily alter the limestone crystals structure. This results in fewer limescale deposits inside the washing machine and on the laundry, thus saving you water and laundry products.

Box of 6 laundry balls.



Additional information

Weight .25 kg


Made in Germany with polyethylene. Sold in recycled cardboard box.

Replace every 5 years.



Ecodis started in Brittany, France, in 2000, specialising in designing and distributing household and personal eco-friendly and fairtrade products, and now employs more than 40 people. Ecodis is fully committed to local production with carefully sourced materials, with a particular focus on lasting functional goods that are manufactured and packaged with limited impact on the environment. Ecodis aim at allocating around 0.5% of turnover to solidarity and eco projects in France and abroad.


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