HEAD IN THE WOODS set of 10 organic cotton baby wipes


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10 organic cotton fleece wipes for hands, face, and baby bottoms. Finished with a 100% organic cotton thread.

Store your wipes wet in a container or run under the tap as and when you need them. Tip for changing dirty nappies: have a small glass spray bottle at hand that’s filled with 50/50 water and oil. Shake thoroughly, then spray directly onto baby’s bottom before wiping. It makes the clean up even easier and leaves the skin moisturised.

Dirty wipes can be stored in a container before washing. If used for dirty nappies, soaking in a nappy cleanser can be useful before washing. The wipes can be washed at up to 60 degrees. Hang to dry.

Dim: 17x17cm.

Additional information

Weight .20 kg
Pouch colour

Black, Natural


Made in Yorkshire with 100% organic cotton.

Eco Advantage

The non-organic cotton industry is a huge source of global environmental pollution  using almost one quarter of all the world’s insecticides and 10% of pesticides. These toxic chemicals cause health problems for cotton workers and are responsible for poisoning wildlife and rivers, as well as killing an estimated 16,000 people each year.


Head in the Woods are based in Lancashire. Its founder Sanne handcrafts the full range of organic cotton and vegan leather products from her home studio, juggling family and work lives with more flexibility. Sanne is motivated by her own efforts to reduce plastic waste in everyday life and her passion to help others in their journey.

This company donates 10% of their products to a charity called Viva Con Agua who help improve drinking water supply to developing countries, where access to clean drinking water is very limited.


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