Flax linen tea towels x 4


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Highest quality striped fine flax linen tea towel, perfect for drying fragile and “Sunday best” dishes such as crystal glasses or porcelain plates.

Dimensions: 50cmx70cm

Each pack comes in a set of four colours: green, red, yellow, blue, green

THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE ONLY UPON ADVANCE ORDER WITH DELIVERY WITHIN FOUR TO SIX WEEKS. If you are interested in ordering one colour only, please contact oneStep.

Additional information

Weight .400 kg
Stripe colour

Full set (one of each), Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Made in a small factory in Austria from unchlorinated flax linen.

Machine wash two or three times to appreciate the softness of this traditional fabric.

Eco Plus

Flax is an ancient plant also referred as linseed that dates back to 30000 BC and has been grown for thousands of years in many civilisations for its seeds and stem from which fibres are extracted and used to make fabric. Flax plant has many by-products ranging from fibres to medicines, gels, soap, fishnet, paper, dyes etc.


Ecodis started in Brittany, France, in 2000, specialising in designing and distributing household and personal eco-friendly and fairtrade products, and now employs more than 40 people. Ecodis is fully committed to local production with carefully sourced materials, with a particular focus on lasting functional goods that are manufactured and packaged with limited impact on the environment. Ecodis aim at allocating around 0.5% of turnover to solidarity and eco projects in France and abroad.


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