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In 100% organic cotton, these super soft, luxurious, velvet velour makeup remover wipes / eye pads come in a set of 5. These makeup remover wipes are great for gentle cleansing, especially around the eyes. Also great to use on baby’s skin.

These soft face wipes are made of 2 layers of organic cotton fleece, quilted for strength and that luxurious, padded feel. Remove make up, apply toner or even use them as eye masks after soaking them in some cucumber water, chamomile tea or any other eye treatment you prefer. The wipes are approximately 8,5 cm in diameter with some shrinkage after the first wash. Finished with a white cotton trim or a rainbow polyester trim.

To remove make up, run a wipe under the tap and squeeze before putting any cleanser on it. Remove make up as usual. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Gently rub some soap on your wipe followed by a rinse to help remove any stains prior machine washing. Also suitable for applying toner, and why not soak them in some cucumber water or chamomile tea and leave them on your eye lids for 15 minutes to treat tired eyes and dark circles?

The wipes can be washed at 40-60 degrees and are dryer safe (some shrinkage will occur), but hanging them to dry will extend their life. Using a laundry bag also helps keeping your wipes in good condition, and they won’t get lost in your machine!

100% biodegradable, simply cut into small strips and put in the compost bin. If you have chosen the rainbow trim, carefully cut off the trimmed edges and discard before composting your wipes.

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Made in Yorkshire with organic cotton.

Eco Advantage

The non-organic cotton industry is a huge source of global environmental pollution  using almost one quarter of all the world’s insecticides and 10% of pesticides. These toxic chemicals cause health problems for cotton workers and are responsible for poisoning wildlife and rivers, as well as killing an estimated 16,000 people each year.


Head in the Woods are based in Lancashire. Its founder Sanne handcrafts the full range of organic cotton and vegan leather products from her home studio, juggling family and work lives with more flexibility. Sanne is motivated by her own efforts to reduce plastic waste in everyday life and her passion to help others in their journey.

This company donates 10% of their products to a charity called Viva Con Agua who help improve drinking water supply to developing countries, where access to clean drinking water is very limited.


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