HUMBLE BRUSH set of 50 starch floss picks


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50 floss picks with double threading, made primarily from corn starch and packaged in eco-friendly paper bag.

Certified by the Vegan Society and cruelty-free. Promotes happy gums and clean breath. 



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Weight .08 kg


Made primarily from corn-starch and packaged in eco-friendly paper packaging.



The Vegan Society created the word ‘vegan’ in 1944 – their Trademark is the authentic international vegan standard. It guarantees that (a) the manufacture and/or development of a product, and where applicable its ingredients, do not involve, or have involved, the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative or the testing of any sort on animals conducted at the initiative of the company or on its behalf, or by parties over whom the company has effective control.


Humble Brush was founded in 2013 in Sweden to offer change in the ways we produce and consume, and stop depleting natural resources and filling up the oceans with used products. The Humble team believe that those of us who are lucky enough to be born in an affluent part of the world have a duty to support less fortunate communities. They have created oral care products that improve lifestyle choices and habits, fight plastic ocean crime, are made with eco-friendly manufacturing, packaging and designed for disposal at the lowest possible environmental footprint. Humble Brush also administer the Humble Smile Foundation, which  delivers professional and sustainable healthcare projects where they are most needed around the world, funded directly by your Humble purchase.





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