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A pack of 2 copper sponges to gently wash pans and pots. Also effective to shine sinks and cookers. These lovely looking sponges are what you need for the toughest stains, yet these copper sponges will not scratch any surface. Resistant to rust. They are gentle for your hands too.

A pack of 2 copper sponges.  Ideal to gently wash and shine pots, pans, cookers, sinks and more. It is particularly effective to remove the toughest dirt.

Copper is a soft metal which has anti-viral properties, making it an ideal cleaning material to combat the threat of covid-19 as the virus can’t live on copper, whilst gently scouring away anything from burnt food to rust.

This copper pot scrubber is made from a soft metal that is non-abrasive when used wet. Perfect for removing rust from cutlery as well as cleaning pots, pans, sinks, ovens, ceramic cooktops, glass, stainless steel.


Tip: Add a layer of Vaseline to your copper whenever convenient. This will help prevent rusting.

DIm: approx 9.5cm

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Additional information

Weight .04 kg


Made in Western Europe with copper.

Fully recyclable. Label is made of recycled paper.


Ecodis started in Brittany, France, in 2000, specialising in designing and distributing household and personal eco-friendly and fairtrade products, and now employs more than 40 people. Ecodis is fully committed to local production with carefully sourced materials, with a particular focus on lasting functional goods that are manufactured and packaged with limited impact on the environment. Ecodis aim at allocating around 0.5% of turnover to solidarity and eco projects in France and abroad.


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