Coccoina natural glue



A natural and biodegradable glue made from potato starch and glycerin, with almond essence. Non-toxic and solvent free, it is perfect for arts and crafts. Coccoina is completely safe, which makes it ideal for children.

This reminds me of glue in school in France in the 80s! It smell just like marzipan.

Includes a natural bristle brush made with boar hair.

Made in Italy by Coccoina.

100% biodegradable and compostable. Non-toxic and solvent-free. Packed in a recyclable metal tin.

125g pot. Height: 5cm, Diameter: 6.3cm






Water (55-60%), Dextrin from Potato Starch (35-40%), Glycol monopropylene  (1.46%), Glycerin (0.88%) and almond essence.

The Glycol Monopropylene is a preservative used in the food industry.

All ingredients and packaging are sourced in Europe and manufactured in the company’s own plant in Italy, setting high environmental standards at all steps of the production chain.



Recyclable metal tin with a natural boar bristle brush.

Eco Plus

PVA is a white glue which is an emulsion of polyvinyl acetate in water.  It is a synthetic polymer manufactured from products generated by the petrochemical industry.

Clear glue in a tube has a strong solvent smell is made with synthetic resin toxic to aquatic organisms and may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. it is also A products made from petrochemicals.



Coccoina is a legendary Italian company operating continuously since 1924 producing natural products for arts and crafts and still synonymous with quality and user safety.


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