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A plastic-free straw cleaning brush suitable for cleaning reusable straws and other household items.

Clean out tricky reusable straws and make sure they last a lifetime. Maintain your straws and reduce your single use plastic consumption. Use a gentle detergent to clean out drinks from straws. Why not take a look at our washing up liquid by DELPHI’S ECO? Delphis’s Eco citrus fresh washing up liquid is made with powerful natural active ingredients that cut through grease and grime to leave dishes, crockery and glassware clean and fresh – naturally!

High quality straw cleaning brush made of rust-free stainless steel and crimped black nylon.

This 20cm cleaning brush is just what you need for deep cleaning your reusable straws. Can be used on bamboo, glass or stainless steel straws.

This draw cleaning brush is ideal to clean the Strawsome glass smoothie drinking straw.

  • 1cm diameter
  • 7.5cm black nylon brush length
  • 20cm overall length
  • #18 gauge stainless steel stem
  • Clean with warm soapy water and allow to dry.

About us

We sell an extensive range of ecologically friendly homewares and lifestyle products at oneStep. You can browse the full shop by clicking HERE. We want to help you live a more sustainable life easily.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Strawsome colour

Amethyst, Aquamarine


Made in the USA



Strawesome is a family business born in 2009 in the USA to do something positive about plastic pollution. Strawsome’s mission is to provide the world’s most artistic, eco-friendly, and health-conscious drinking straw.


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