NORSE double edged safety razor, with 5 razor blades


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Handmade double edged safety razor with 5 razor blades. With good care, this razor will last you a lifetime. Over time a safety razor can save you hundreds of pounds, at no cost to the planet!

Remove plastic from your daily shave and save money with this beautiful razor made in the UK. Ideal for men and women shaving.

Handmade in the UK in a choice of chrome and ivory style.

Additional information

Weight .150 kg
Razor type

Chrome, Ivory


Handmade in the UK in chrome and ivory styles. Ivory style razors have a plastic coating on the handle.

How to use a double edged safety razor:

  • Unscrew the head of the razor and insert a blade,
  • Warm the blade by rinsing it under hot water,
  • Hold the razor to your skin at an angle of between 30 to 45 degrees,
  • Allow the weight of the razor to ‘power’ the shaving, using short strokes in the direction of hair growth (do not try to pull the razor),
  • When the razor blade becomes blunt it will ‘hang’ on the stubble, rotate the razor or change the blade.

Shaving tips:

  • Shower or bathe before shaving, or warm the face with a hot flannel,
  • Use plenty of hot water and shave in a warm environment,
  • Use a quality shaving¬†brush with good shaving soap,
  • Brush in a circular motion to lift the hair,
  • Shave in the direction of the hair, never against,
  • Rinse the blade frequently in hot water (in a container).
  • Rinse well with cool water and gently pat dry,
  • After shaving use a gentle moisturiser,
  • Avoid applying alcohol-based products after shaving.

Eco Plus

Disposable razors could very well be the most wasteful item in your bathroom (In America alone, it is estimated that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year). Razors and cartridges have such a huge mark up that the issue has been pursued by Government watchdogs in recent times. Razor designs gradually became more complex, with each development promising to improve the quality of a shave with ever-increasing number blades and gel strips.



Norse is a startup company based in West London that makes naturally great grooming products for the bearded, smooth faced and moustachioed men of the world. All Norse products are handmade in the UK.


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