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Natural charcoal water filters made from high quality bamboo charcoal. The charcoal will absorb chlorine, chloramines and other impurities from tap water, mineralise it, and gives your water a lovely fresh taste. Super efficient thanks to the amazing porous properties of bamboo charcoal, it works just like a sponge!

No need for unsightly plastic jugs: simply place the charcoal pieces inside your water jug, fill with tap water one hour before drinking it. Made in Japan using clay kilns, an ancient tradition for filtering water used all around the world.

Sold in pack of 4. Each piece is approx. 5cm x 5cm. Use 3 to 4 pieces for a 1 litre jug of water. Boil before use, then keep for several months.

Bamboo charcoal is sustainable and leaves no waste.


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Bamboo charcoal filters made in Japan by experienced charcoal makers, using clay kilns. Charcoal People’s bamboo charcoal is a high quality, eco-friendly product. Produced without chemical processes,

Instructions for use:

1. Rinse the charcoal filters with clear to remove excess powder.
2. Sterilise by leaving the filters for 10 minutes in a pan of water, then leave to dry.
3. Place the charcoal filters in a jug of water.
4. Keep the filtered water for 8 hours before drinking for best results.
5. Re-sterilise regularly.
6. Replace with new charcoal filters every 2 months approximately.


Michihiro founded Charcoal People in 2007, to introduce to the UK market the traditional Japanese method of filtering water. Michihiro says “charcoal offers something old, yet new, a forgotten art and a beautiful thing. Charcoal does amazing things very quietly without shouting about its abilities. I love its modesty and simplicity”.


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