Safety razor with rounded wood handle by CALIQUO



A beautiful razor, to touch and to the eye! Caliquo safety razor combines noble woods (oak or walnut), expert design and French manufacture for an impeccable shave. So, rediscover traditional shaving. Plus the pleasure of handling a beautiful object made of natural material.

Handle carved in oak or walnut wood. With a rounded finish for a soft and precise grip. So, it is guaranteed for life. Safety razor head is compatible with Gillette Mach 3 blades. Handcrafted by cabinetmakers and woodturners in Normandy and the Jura. This razor is a durable and elegant alternative to plastic disposable razors.

Traditional artisan handcraft with oak or walnut wood from Jura, France. Which is a region reputed for wood craft. Therefore, this safety razor will support the woodcraft industry in Jura with your purchase. Handcrafted products made to last forever and look beautiful in your home.

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The length of the razor is 13.4cm.

The weight of the razor is 17g.

Available with an oak or a walnut handle.

Why not pair the Caliquo razor with the Caliquo toothbrush?

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Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Handle wood

Oak, Walnut


Made in France with European walnut or oak wood handle.




Eco Plus

By way of comparison, a disposable razor is made of 59 grams of plastic of fossil origin… which will go to the bin between 6 and 10 shaves later…



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Caliquo started in France in 2017 when Gregoire, an engineer who dreamed of becoming an inventor when he was a boy, found in his father’s loft a collection of 19th century toothbrushes made of bone. This triggered his interest and his pursuit for a more eco-friendly toothbrush was born.


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