BIO-WHITE Lemon organic tooth powder


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A jar of all-natural organic tooth powder for everyday use to help you go tube-free. Made in the UK with calcium, sea salt, organic ginger and organic lemon essential oils from Devon.

BIO-WHITE Lemon tooth powder encourages remineralisation, gently whitens your teeth, neutralises the oral acids in the mouth and prevents plaque bacteria build-up. The result is fresh breath and perfectly clean teeth.

BIO-WHITE Lemon ingredients properties:

  • Calcium carbonate: provides a gentle cleaning (calcium is one of the main components of teeth).
  • Ginger: an anti-inflammatory
  • Lemon: stimulates the liver and acts as gentle whitener.
  • Xylitol: raises the PH, thus creating an environment harder for bacteria to live in.
  • Grey sea salt: provides all the minerals and trace elements in the same balance as in the organism

BIO-WHITE tooth powder is free from SLS, fluoride and glycerine. Glycerine is a thickening agent that reduces saliva thus prevents it from reaching and re-mineralising the teeth.

To use: wet your brush and dip it in the powder, covering the brush with a thin layer of powder. Brush with vertical movements as with any toothpaste.

35g glass jar. Jar may be refilled with BIO-WHITE tooth powder refill bags.

BIO-WHITE Peppermint also available.



Made in the UK.

Ingredients and origins:
– calcium carbonate from Germany
– xylitol extracted from Norwegian birch tree
– sodium chloride (grey sea salt) from Guerande, France
– zinziber officinal root powder (ginger*) from Devon
– citrusmedica limonum peel oil (lemon essential oil*) from Devon

 * organic ingredients

Packaging: glass jar with aluminium lid and paper label.




Eco Plus

Conventional toothpaste contains many chemicals, some of which are problematic when entering waterways, causing serious water pollution. There are two main culprits. The first is sodium pyrophosphate, used for preventing tartar build-up. It contains phosphorus which causes excessive algal growth that, when decomposing, takes away oxygen from the water, creating dead zones where no marine animals or bacteria can live in. The other one is a germ-killing chemical called triclosan, known to disrupt the hormones and growth and development of marine living creatures.

The plastic pollution from used toothpaste tube is also very extensive. A typical toothpaste tube includes several types of plastics, aluminium, steel and sometimes nylon: each component must be separated in order to be recycled, making it a very difficult job! I have read (but not verified) that 1 billion tubes end up in landfills each year. Time to go tube-free!



BIO-WHITE is the fruit of years of meticulous research by Xavier, a French man settled in Britain, in close cooperation with a group of dentists and the manufacturer of a similar tooth powder made in the 1980s but no longer available. Together, with their combined dental expertise and observations, they have formulated this acclaimed natural tooth powder, created not to interfere with  the role of saliva and to assist in remineralising the teeth.


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