Beeswax beads, 400g kraft bag


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400g in kraft paper bag.

Traditional household product, 100% beeswax beads, guaranteed without pesticides. Beeswax flakes are soft and have a pleasant odour. Their emollient, moisturising and protective properties make it a versatile base for making your cosmetic products (facial creams, lip balms, soaps), ointments, wax polish (for floor and furniture) and candles.




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Weight .4 kg


Produced in Western Europe. 100% guaranteed no pesticide residues. Beeswax is a substance secreted by bees to build the honeycomb cells of their hives. It occurs in relatively small quantities (about 300g of beeswax is produced for every 2/7 kg of honey). The beeswax is harvested at the end of the season and is extracted without he use of solvents: the honey is separated by being centrifuged with boiling water. 

Packaged in Western Europe in recycled kraft paper.

Harmless to both humans and the environment. Very low carbon index: 45g of CO2


Ecodis Soft Impact. Soft Impact is Ecodis’ own label. It shows the product has been designed for lowest impact on the environment: use of abundant natural resources, made in Europe, no/few processing, eco-designed packaging, ecological label, etc.

Eco Plus

Beeswax has been used since ancient times. Considered a noble and precious material, beeswax has been found in the tombs of several pharaohs and in Roman times was used as a currency to pay taxes. It is also mentioned in Greek mythology in the story of Icarus  who used wax to glue his wings and escape from his prison labyrinth but the wax melted from the heat of the sun and it all ended very badly!


Ecodis was founded in 2000 in Brittany, France, employing 40+ people and specialising in designing and distributing eco products under several trademarks, including La Droguerie Ecologique and Anae, both available at OneStep. Ecodis are fully committed to using raw materials that are eco-friendly and wherever possible, sourced locally in France or Western Europe for a limited impact on the environment. Around half a percent of Ecodis turnover is allocated each year to projects supporting people in distress in France or to solidarity based and ecological projects abroad.


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