Eco Friendly Kitchen Products

How eco is your kitchen?  Do you wrap food in foil? Do you cover in cling film? Do you drink from plastic straws?  Do you wipe surfaces with kitchen paper?

You will be surprised of the negative impact of each of these everyday habits on your environment! Almost everything can be replaced by responsibly sourced, no fuss, no harm everyday eco essentials.

So where will you start?

Beebee reusable cotton beeswax wraps are made of organic cotton. This means they use much less water in their production. They are shipped over to the UK and the beeswax is produced locally in Cambridgeshire. With their  breathable seal, they keep food fresher for longer.  They leave less moisture on food and help to cut down waste.  They are made ethically and sustainably from GOTS certified organic cotton and are fully compostable. They won’t leave a trace …

Or, have you thought about washing up liquid? The detergents in the usual washing up liquids contain multiple harmful chemicals that are bad for you and sip through the water ways into yor local river. There are so many other ways of cleaning the dishes, harm free.

KINN eco washing up liquid. It is gentle on your hands, but tough on grease. It will leave your dishes pristine and your glasses sparkling. Made here in the UK, it is free from petrochemicals, phosphates, synthetic fragrance, enzymes, animal by-product, harsh chemicals, and dye. Also, it is not tested on animals.

What do you use for washing your clothes? Detergents that have a strong “fresh” smell are probably guitly of chemical overload! Yet, there are so many solutions out there that do a very good job of cleaning your clothes without compromising on chemicals. Maybe you will opt for the Fill Refill range? They come package-free (you fill your own bottle). Or maybe you will prefer the ever so clever Simply Living Eco laundry sheets. They contain  just the one mild surfactant (derived from cocnut), weigh so much less, and do a terribly good job!

At oneStep, we love nothing more than finding the solution to your eco problem. Browse our range of eco kitchen solutions below.

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