Eco Friendly Household Products

There has never been a better time to make your home an eco household. It is surprising how many items in the house are neither sustainable or ethically produced. The average home produces a huge amount of harmful toxins simply by purchasing what’s on offer in your local supermarket!

Take cleaning . It’s amazing how  we managed to overcomplicate everything over teh past few decades! Yet, now, we are all looking back in awe at how our grandmothers did it! Nothing that a bit of bicarb cannot do! Our 1kg kraft paper bag sodium bicaronate has an astonishing variety of uses. Here is a taster: cleans, softens, regulates pH, scours, deodorises, prevents limescale, degreases those nasty oven trays. More than 50 domestic uses, in fact! Check out our recipe book for everyday cleaning by La Droguerie Ecologique and get mixing your own cleaning products at home. The dishwashing tablets are a killer!

Now let’s talk dirty! How eco is your bin bag? Almost definitively made of petroleum produced plastic. We have the next best thing, a bin bag made from sugar cane-based bio-plastic. These bags are 80% polyethylene from bio sources (Brazilian sugar cane). They are free from phthalates and bisphenol. They are 100% recyclable, made in France so don’t have to travel too far to reach us.

These are just two examples of the many products that you can change to in order to increase your eco credentials and work towards making your home an eco household. Why not check out our other eco-friendly household products and see for yourself?

When you next need to replace a brush (oh we do love a brush), come to oneStep! We have shoes brushes, bottle brushes, laundry brushes, tough bristle brushes, coco washing up brushes, replaceable dish brushes, oh so fabulous natural bristles loo brushes. You name it, we have it!

Our eco household range of products is full of surprises. And remember, if there is anything you can’t find, do drop us a line here

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