Eco Friendly Bathroom Products

Eco bathroom products are at last becoming an essential part of sustainable life. This is good news as the ingredients of most bathroom products were eye-wateringly harmful to the environment.  Onestep takes extra care to source our eco bath products form reputable, as local as possible sources. So you can rest assured that when you order from our extensive bathroom range, we have already done the hard work for you.

Here are a few examples on how oneStep can help you change your routine in the bathroom:

Brushing your teeth: the Humble Brush is made of biodegradable & sustainably-grown moso bamboo. This makes it a very rare FSC certified bamboo brushes. The bristles are made of Nylon-6, not perfect, but one of the better plastics (anything else is not endorsed by denists).

Taking off your makeup: did you know that taking off your make up can have a heavy loaded carbon footprint? Regular use of cotton wool discs not only has a heavy footprint in its production, but also is non-recyclable. At oneStep, we have forever useful organic cotton discs that do just the thing of replacing cotton wool. They are soft, once for all, reusable pads, that will change your routine, and your impact on the envronment.

But that’s not all. Here at oneStep we have a whole array of useful zero waste beauty and hygiene, handpicked to do just the job, at no cost to the planet. We have stripped the harmful chemicals, the unecessary packaging, the overload of nasties, so that you can wash your body/hair, take good care of your teeth, shave, moisturise, exfoliate, repair, sanitise, etc, in complete trust.

Now you can pick eco bath products from our extensive range here

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