Eco Essentials

Thank you for browsing our oneStep eco shop. We hope you will find just what you need in our range of 250+ products for you and the home. Every item on this website has been picked with extreme care, it has been trialed and tested by the tough team, checked for affordability, usefulness and effectiveness. We like to think that we have curated the perfect collection for all your daily needs, be it in the bathroom, the kitchen, on the go, or for cleaning your house.

Although at oneStep, we don’t believe that there is such a thing as the perfect product, we have done our best to choose the next best thing. Our line of products is sourced as locally as possible, drawing from the most talented small businesses in our area. They are made with love by passionate, like-minded small business owners who have worked really hard to make products that make sense. They in turn take great care of their supply chain, they focus on every aspect of the production line, the ethical credentials, the transportation method, the craftmanship, the quality of primary products used.

At oneStep, we have created a range with “one of a kind” in mind. This means that we won’t for instance have a multitude of deodorants on offer. Instead, we will have one crystal deo, one cream deo and one solid deo. Each researched thoroughly and hand picked with confidence so that you can use it knowing it is one of the best available out there, with the lowest carbon footprint. With this approach, we were able to “curate” a very unique range, with a whole load of knowledge for each product we stock. We are confident in our choices so you can be confident using and enjoying them with no concerns.

Our range of eco products has been split into three main categories: essentials for your bathroom routine, essentials to use in your kitchen (also including food preparation and out and about items), and essentials to keep your house clean.

If there is an item that you would oneStep to add to the collection, we would love to hear about it! Let us know here!

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