Norse Razors and wet shaving

Norse Razors

Norse Razors are among the most popular around.

The art of shaving is a delicate balance. You need to know when it’s time for your blades, but there are so many opinions on what tools work best! We were all taught differently and now here we are listening as each person has their own story about how they shaves…

But don’t worry because I’m going share mine with you too-it might be different than these others seem like, (or maybe not), since my style came from an experience rather than research or theory; though sometimes those two things go hand in.

So how do Norse Razors help?

We all have one face, and it’s the most important thing we’ll ever own. So why not take care of yours? Our ultimate guide for shaving will help you get started – with tips from professional shavers like yourself!

We are faced with two of the most important decisions each morning- whether one cup or two, will it be enough for me? And then there’s shaving.

I’ve been putting off getting a haircut because my face feels so stubbly after drying out but now that summer is coming up I want to look good on vacation!

Remember to stock up on blades.


Wet shaving is the best way to get a close, smooth shave with no risk of cuts. That’s where saftety razors such as Norse Razors come in. The process also exfoliates your skin and removes dead cells from follicles so you can enjoy nourishing hydration every day!


We all have our favorite things, and for some of us it’s the morning shave. The feel of a sharp blade against your skin as you drag it across tired muscles is enough to make anyone happy in anticipation!


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