Hi, I’m Freya McKee and I run the vintage rail at the One Step shop!

I curate the rail through sourcing vintage and second hand goods in a bid to combat shopping fast fashion.

Alongside my rail in the shop I also run an online Depop shop which has a further selection of items to choose from. The clothes range from designer brands (such as Ted Baker, Morgan De Toi, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana) to unique graphic tees and accompanying accessories.

I also have a range of screen print tops. I wanted to ensure to produce a range that still kept in line with being sustainable, so I made sure to not over produce the lines and only print a certain amount per design. I also printed onto 100% recycled organic cotton t-shirts. The first range features a print of a painting I did of FKA Twigs iconic ‘LP1’ Album cover. The second series is a photographic print of my brother Chester. 


I’m currently working on a new knitwear series which I’m hoping to release during the summer time. I’m sourcing all my yarn from second hand shops/Ebay so no materials are going to waste and again I’ll be making a limited run.


Both sustainable T-shirts are available to buy at the One Step Earth shop, alongside the other second-hand goods which are always being switched up so there’s many opportunities to find something your style!