Eco Super Hero

meet oneStep

oneStep was born from the belief that it doesn’t take a sea change to achieve results and that, one step at a time, we can and will save our planet. oneStep believes in the superpower each one of us has in pushing positive change simply by consuming less, more carefully, and sharing what we learn.

home essentials
oneStep is a one-stop shop for everyday eco products for the home: to clean your house, wash your clothes, use and re-use in your kitchen, take along when out, or enjoy in your morning and bedtime bathroom routines. We retail carefully selected essentials to use at home to help you eco your life, without too much effort.

no fuss
oneStep stocks home essentials that we need, use and trust. Products which are not fancy, twee or sexy. Products which are useful and practical, many re-usable and long lasting.

no harm
Each product in the oneStep range is thoroughly checked for ethical credentials and environmental benefits. oneStep is transparent on sourcing origins and manufacturing processes so customers can buy from oneStep in full confidence. When available, we opt for certified products, so we can guarantee that there are no hidden cruelties, exploitation of peoples, casualties to nature or green washing. 

What’s the point in switching to eco if you get lesser results? oneStep relies on a team of keen but impartial family & friends to test it and tell it as it is. We encourage our customers to leave honest reviews so we improve and learn as we go along.

oneStep products won’t cost you the earth. They are not overpriced, nor overly cheap. We   choose not to compete with supermarkets’ value ranges in order to avoid cutting corners.

oneStep is wholly focused on functionality (no fuss) and ethics/sustainability (no harm). We give full attention to the origin of all materials, production processes through the lifecycle, zero waste packaging, distances travelled, dispatching choices, convenience and price. We only work with suppliers who care.

behind oneStep …
… is Amy & Gwen with the support of their infinitely patient family, who have listened, hinted, tested, created, said yes, no, maybe, absolutely, surely not, time for a break! And many friends, too, who encourage, make suggestions and occasionally even wear the green apron. 

Watch video of Gwen explaining what oneStep is all about

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